Episode #14 A Nun Walks into McDonalds

On this week’s episode we will be having an extended version of our segment titled “Also” where we share feedback we’ve received from previous episodes, We even took some of that feedback to create this week’s Test Drive where Annie is back to share more Boozie Bevvies and finally, Christy ends the episode with a story about a prank I played during Lent 30 years ago. 


Christy found a great new moisturizer, perfect for wearing during the day from Body Bliss!

Ding Dong Doozie:

See what Christy and Annie's mom texted them about the Lush ScrubBee in the Gallery.

Tip O’ The Day:

Learn more about how to make your own Dryer Lint Fire Starters here.

Taking it for a Test Drive:

Annie's Boozie Tea Bevvies 

Hot Rum Punch Tea

Coconut Chai Hot Toddy

Amaretto Tea Hot Toddy


Let Me Tell you a Story:

Check out Christy in her the nun costume that she wore to prank her friend here!

Instagram Contest Winner!

The past week we had an Instagram contest for one of Annie's fabulous jewels, (Check out her jewelry here!) and the winner is Emily Vennerstrom! Congrats!


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