Reoccurring Characters


Benjamin Rodich -Yiddish yapper

1- Benjamin is an Amazing “hair-therapist” – While he tends to our tresses, he provides endless wit, wisdom, and wine refills.

2-  He is an extremely creative and accomplished cook who has an obsession for aioli and finding the right “vessel” for consumption --- we’ll get his take on that in a future episode!

3- When SNL does a revival of “Coffee Chat,” Benjamin needs a seat on that couch! If I were to cast him, I would create the role of Lori, Linda Richman’s daughter, who would worship Gaga instead of Streisand, would wear “Juicy” gym suits instead of color blocked wind suits and she would have much more Chutzpah than her Momma! 


Ann Aas

1- Annie is EXTREMELY creative and WILDLY talented --- she has an amazing cooper enamel jewelry line called ANNMADE in Minnesota. (I’ll post the link to her website in the show notes --- maybe we can convince her to give our listeners a discount code on their first order.) 

2- Annie can’t whistle --- when I attended a Beatfarmer’s concert with her 25 years ago, we were in the front row and as the band played “The Big Rock Candy Mountain, the lead singer, Big Country Dick Montana,  put the microphone out to her during the whistling bridge of the song. She puckered her lips, blew through them, and nada, nothing, no sound  --- he put the mic back to his lips and said, “You Suck!” 

3- Finally, Annie is the World’s BEST SHOPPER & GIFT GIVER! Seriously--- I’d say shopping and Gift Giving are her favorite hobbies. 


John Collins- Renaissance rebel

1- JC has a harem of Damsel’s in Distress he rescues regularly.  I’m lucky to call him, “My Hero!” My “saves” are too numerous to count, but here are a couple highlights: He’s fixed my car in negative 20 degree weather, installed two garbage disposals I’ve burned out, wired electrical in my basement, improvised a safety railing on short notice out of pipes and ice and caulked my bathtub after a leaky situation.  

2- To say JC is musical would be an understatement --- he plays 6 instruments, is currently in 4 bands, at the age of 48 learned how to play piano and has even re-strung a piano. 

3- He is a man of many wheels --- cars, skateboards, bicycles, and motorcycles – he builds, collects, rebuilds, repairs and raises hell on all of them.


Mark howard

1- He LOVES to track the WEATHER --- He lives in Ft. Lauderdale, and I swear he was giddy watching the little color map on the Weather Channel website for the week leading up to Hurricane Irma. 

2- The second thing you should know about Mark is he suffers from Bacteriophobia –  he has this crazy fear of food spoiling –He gets anxious if he has to sit in traffic after he has been grocery shopping! He will rush from his parking ramp to get his food into the fridge!  

3- And finally, to say Mark LOVES to travel would be an understatement. Travel IS his Passion. Fortunately, for me, Mark has treated me to many domestic and international vacations.  


Liza atkinson

1- Liza’s holy trinity of fierce females includes: Ina, Brene, and Nora! And, yes, she does have an obsession with these 3 influential gals which borders on stalker tendencies.   

2- She is a recovering band geek and bleeds maroon and gold for the Pride of Minnesota. (Even though she is a born and bred Sconnie!) 

3- Liza is an earth Momma to 3 adorable kids, a sexy Momma to her husband Rob, and trendy Momma to all her Cabi Customers!