Why A Podcast?

I’m at a point in my life where things are NOT all Rainbows and Unicorns. As I approach the mid-century mark, the “price per wear” on my funeral uniform has gone down considerably, I’ve prepped and delivered countless casseroles for friends battling illness, and I’ve frequently felt like I was “In a Funk.”

This thing called life isn’t always easy.  I’ve got many vices to escape my personal reality…. Binge Watching, Cooking Comfort Food, Playing Electronic Wooden Block Puzzle and most recently I found refuge when I pushed “play” to listen to my favorite podcasts. 

I needed to get my “joy” back and realized I’m at my best when I’m creating.

Ever since I was little, I have been a “ringleader” in creating fun and amusement.  In the beginning I created neighborhood variety shows in the garage. A little later I helped write talent show acts for my club in the 4-H talent show.  And a high school highlight was creating skits for our pep assemblies.  As I grew older, my outlet was hosting goofy theme parties. But as the years passed, the role of fun and amusement ‘ringleader’ transitioned to ‘dog-paddler’ of daily demands. 

I needed a hobby. But NOT a typical hobby --- to say knitting gardening and scrapbooking are ‘NOT MY JAM’ would be a GYNORMOUS understatement. I needed to find an outlet for my ideas and my desire to amuse.  I decided to try to produce a podcast. In developing this podcast, it will be an escape from my own reality. In listening to this podcast, I hope it will be a distraction from the grind of your days. 

Why Crash Test Diva?

Crash Test Dummies are put through paces to provide invaluable information to make new cars stronger, smarter, and safer.  We want our podcast to: 

  • Strengthen Your Amusement Muscle

  • Provide a generous dose of Smart Ass

  • Create a “Safe Zone” to laugh at yourself and us!

Diva Definition

Webster’s descriptions of a Diva are not always flattering.  For the purpose of our show we are going to exercise our creative license and redefine Diva. 

A Crash Test Diva Is --- Feisty, Fun, and Fortunate – They survive the bumps and bruises along the way and in spite of it all, feel blessed to look back, laugh, and keep living! 

And if I have any men on the show — I’ll call them “Divos” and pretend they are Latino or 80’s band members who wore little red hats.  :)