Episode #15 Hammer, Chisel, Monkey Wrench

We have spring fever… while we are waiting for the snow to melt, we have a spring fashion report from Liza. Annie joins us to share 3 different Grasshopper recipes to help you celebrate St. Patty’s day, Mark Howard shares a “priceless” ding dong doozie on himself, and Christy will tell you a story about her ride on the pine to the girls state basketball tournament. 


#ALSO: (The segment where we talk about stuff from past episodes)

Thanks to Kare 11, Annie received her commemorative pennies from the Super Bowl…. you remember - the ones she mistakenly gave to a homeless guy! Here’s a pic — can’t wait to see what she will do with these! 


The Hazelnut Tea Forte tea we recommended for Annie’s Ameretto Hot Tea Toddy recipe, has been discontinued. We think you might want to try a black tea or this Chocolate tea by Numi that Christy loves! (News flash — it is on sale!) 

Taking it for a Test Drive: 

It’s Shamrock Shake Season and Annie has been test driving some boozie Grasshopper recipes to help you celebrate St. Patty’s day. 

Option 1  Traditional Grasshopper Like Your Folks Served

Option 2 For a little lower calorie count, on your traditional Grasshopper, substitute Halo Top Mint Chip ice-cream for the vanilla used in Option 1. 

Option 3 Annie’s favorite — a martini style grasshopper by Martha Stewart. 

Ding Dong Doozie:

Mark  Howard’s here to share a Ding Dong Doozie on HIMSELF. We have spring fever and with it  — we start to crave salads. We’ll hear about his mad salad making skills.  (Check back for a video.) 

A Look Under The Hood:  

 Liza is here to share her top 3 spring fashion trends for 2018.  Check out this pic which brings her trend report to life. Follow her blog at: www.beautyandtheblouse.com and to see some great styling ideas, follow Cabi on Pinterest.

Let Me Tell You A Story:

Hear the tale behind Christy’s ride on the pine to the Championship game of the Minnesota State High School Basketball Tournament. Click on the gallery image to see Christy at the tourney. 


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