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christy eichers - Producer/host

1- I’m a single girl with 13 sets of dishes --- please don’t judge! 

2- I once dated a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

3- I have two MN State High school league Tournament Medals, but never lettered in a sport. 

What can you glean from these three things? 

1- I like to entertain and perhaps have hoarding tendencies. (Again, please don’t judge!) 

2- I have a sense of humor and am an equal opportunity dater. 

3- And finally, I was/am not a very good athlete, However, the varsity coaches liked having a loud gal on the bench to get the team fired up so they’d move me up during tournament time! 


Josie Eichers - Digital Marketing Diva

1- When she moved in this summer, she set my DVR to record Wheel of Fortune. At anytime we would have up to 30 episodes at our binging pleasure. She has a strange obsession and is crazy good at word games. If any of us want to win a round of “Bananagrams,” we start playing without her! 

2- She is an accomplished baker and when she was 13, she and her pal, Alana, beat out a bunch of grandmas to win the annual Excelsior Apple Days pie-baking competition.   

3- Since she was a pre-schooler, Josie has had an incredible sense of direction and barked out directions from the backseat. This keen sense earned her the nickname, “Josie GPS!” 


Frannie - Disruptive diva

1- She is a mischievous, twelve-year-old Tibeten Terrier who has earned a PHD in napping. 

2- In my day, she would have been classified as “High Potential.” She understands Chinese and plays ‘Hide & Seek.’ (Thanks to my nephew/her trainer, Jack --- stories to follow in future episodes.)  

3- Due to her “high intelligence,” we are baffled that she cowers from bicycles, yet attacks motorcycles.