Episode #12 Mean Girl

We have Olympic Fever — we have a special guest returning.. all the way from San Diego, our West Coast Correspondent, Jewyl Clark is here to review the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Annie shares a “ding dong doozie” about herself and Christy has a story about a very short lived  ice-skating career! 

Ding Dong Doozie:

Check out the Super Bowl Pennies that Annie gave away to the homeless man here.

Helpful Hints:

Buy the Sweater Stone on Amazon.

A Look Under the Hood:

Take a peek at Jewyl's homemade olympic rings here!

Watch the Korean Pop Singers sing Imagine during the opening ceremony.

Read about the drones that were featured in the opening ceremony here.

I've Got a Story:

See Christy and her group during her first and only ice skating show here!


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