Episode #10 Leather & Feathers

In this week’s episode, we are talking all things SUPER — as in SUPER Bowl! Liza is back to share some of her “SUPER” kitchen gadgets and The Yiddish Yapper gives us some words to describe Benjamin’s new love for football.  And finally, Christy closes the show with a story about working on the half-time show in 1992. 

Taking it for a Test Drive:

Liza joins us to share some of her “Super” kitchen gadgets: 


Inspiralizer Veggie Spiralizer

Super Bowl Recipes 


Guacamole without Liza's “Secret Ingredient” recipe found here.

White Chicken Chili Dip from Heartbeet Kitchen.


Scannable Document on Jan 29, 2018 at 11_29_43 PM.jpeg
Scannable Document on Jan 29, 2018 at 11_32_25 PM.jpeg

Yapping Yiddish: 

Benjamin caught the football bug this year and gives us a little lesson with Yiddish words that describe the spirit of the game! 

Let Me Tell you a Story: 

Check out the 13 minute Super Bowl Show Christy worked on in 1992 here


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