Episode #2 Packing Strategy

On this week’s episode, we’ll introduce a reoccurring guest, Mark Howard,  he’ll share a not so helpful hint and some of his favorite ‘Ding Dong Doozies, ’ We’ll have a ‘Long Distance Serenade’ for some childhood friends from Georgia, we’ll introduce a new segment with our Yiddish Yapper, Benjamin Rodich, and during the ‘Let me tell you a story’ segment, I’ll share a tale from my Minnesota Fringe Festival Show about a hike in the Faroe Islands. 

Tip O' the Day:

See Mark Howard's unconventional use of Bounce Dryer Sheets here.

Long Distance Serenade:

See Holly and her life long friends here.

Yappin' Yiddish:

Check out the inspiration for the Yappin' Yiddish inspiration here.

See the Yiddish Yapper teaching Christy all about the Touchas here.

Let Me Tell You a Story:

Take a peak at Christy and Mark on top of the Faroe Islands here.

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